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Mission of Smart Affiliate Edge:

Smart Affiliate Edge aims to help you build a profitable online business through affiliate marketing that enables you to live the lifestyle of your design.

Our main objection is to find and recommend the right education, resources, and tools essential in developing and scaling your business to cut through the internal BS, get greater clarity, and make better-informed decisions.

We also publish articles in related Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing Strategies, and other relevant information to keep you abreast of the latest affiliate marketing industry development. Therefore, you can scale up your own business more quickly.

About The Founder, Chris Hiew

I always have a passion for the Affiliate Marketing business. And this is the main reason this website - Smart Affiliate Edge - was set up in which I will provide you at my very best with guidance, advice, and strategies to help you start-up, develop and scale up your online business.

It's a great privilege to work my home/online business around my family, especially my wife and two lovely children.

Before my venture into the online marketing industry in 2016, I followed the conventional route of education by going to university, getting an MBA, and working as a Business Manager for a bank in my hometown.

At first, I was proud to have landed in a bank's job and enjoyed my daily routine, but as time passed, the bank's culture has changed as well as the Bank Industry' landmark has become extremely competitive.

Since then, the love in my job dries up very quickly because of corporate politics, which ended up I quit the job in 2016.

But what to do from here?

I always have the thought to do my own thing, having my own business and build a secure financial future for my family, and that was the "wake up" call and the key to unlocking the door.

Without delay, I started to surf online business opportunities over the internet and joined several MLM and affiliate programs. The experience I gained changed my life on so many levels.

However, I needed to learn and develop the skills required to earn the same level of income. The biggest challenge I faced was my mindset and personal development. The learning curve has been steep at times, and I need to apply consistent mindful effort to make progress.

I realize that need a real mentor to guide me through, and stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate. From there, I kept focused and working towards my goals through Wealthy Affiliate training.

Honestly, to make money in this affiliate marketing industry takes time, effort, and investment. It's all about building a solid and sustainable online business that will go on paying you a RESIDUAL INCOME for possibly the rest of your life.

There is no "Quick Rich Scheme," and I don't recommend any of them. If someone told you that you could get rich overnight, surely it is a SCAM!

I also found that you learn most through trial and error. By making mistakes, we learn, and we then have the opportunity to correct them through experience. 

The new things we learn every day. That is the point of life to live, learn, grow, and evolve.

Having your own online business is great fun, particularly if you have a passion for it. It's like most things in life, "Do What You Love To Do," and you will enjoy the journey much more.

If this is for you, then leap of faith, and work towards achieving your dream. I hope you find this website a useful resource.

I'm happy to share whatever I've learned, so if you'd like to ask me anything, please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form on this site.

*Individual results will vary. Please read the site's full affiliate disclaimer clause.

To our success:)

Chris Hiew
Founder of Smart Affiliate Edge


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